Industrial Usd Corrosion Chemical Pumps Magnet Coupled Drive Centrifugal Magnetic Driven Pump

Brand: Nanquan
Minimum order quantity: 10 Pieces
Delivery time: 40 Day
E-mail: faye@nqpump.com
Product Advantages
Application: Other, Developing World Water Solutions, Industrial Boilers, Machining, Metal and Equipment Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical industry, Washing and Cleaning, wastewater treatment, Water Distribution, Water Treatment Solutions, Chemical Transfer Pump
Certificate: CE Certification
Product Details

Features of TMP series

√Excellent corrosion resistance
The casings, impeller assembly and magnet capsule are made of fluororesin(CFRETFE). Other wet-end parts are made of highly corrosion resistant materials such as carbon, ceramic and the like. The pumps can handle almost type of chemicals including strong acid/alkali.
√Expanded versatility
The TMP has a modular structure to handle liquids with high specific gravities. Use of standard motors extends the range of liquid application.
√Easy maintenance
The pump wet end can be removed from the motor as a complete assembly without dismantling, thanks to an additional rear casing support. The pump wet end comprises the minimum number of parts for easy maintenance.
√Enhanced durability under abnormal operation
Our original self-radiation structure efficiently disperses bearing friction heat to protect the pump under abnormal operating conditions. In addition, our non-contact structure prevents contact between rear thrust face and bearing, to eliminate heat buildup during dry running.