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since it was founded in 2001, has developed into the face of the nation: PCB industry, equipment vendors, outlets, salesman, electroplating factory,  filters,chemical pumps, etc., there is a close, Sales, assembly, maintenance, such as network, who plays multiple roles wholesalers, after-sales service.The company is from mold development, injection molding, product assembly, accessories wholesale, and brand sales whether from quality,  price, service, product matching, or service customers as the purpose, to maximize the interests of the customers to the survival.Guangdong Nanquan Fluid Technology Co., LtdThe sales door of Guangdong Nanquan Fluid Technology Co., Ltd is always open to you.The clients' interests maximize their efforts. For our customers, the company is innovating day by day!...
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25 + Years
Why choose us?
Choosing Our Product Is About Quality, Service, And Trust. We Look Forward To Working With You For A Win-Win Situation.
Raw material collection - Injection moulding - Visual inspection - Physical testing - Lathe machining - Assembly - Complete machine finely packaged to you
The motors and screws used by our company are ISO international certified
1 year warranty Unlimited repair service You have an extra partner from the date of purchase
Come to your home and install the product for you until it is ready for use Save your heart and effort
A team of professionals will customise your filter according to your wishes and actual needs
If the volume is high, a mould of your own will be opened for you according to your needs. Make your products move!

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