Vertical Single Stage electric Fire pump Vertical Inline Pump Circulating Pumps

Brand: Nanquan
Minimum order quantity: 10 Pieces
Delivery time: 40 Day
E-mail: faye@nqpump.com
Product Advantages
Application: Commercial Buildings, Drinking water treatment, Family Homes, HVAC OEM, Industrial Boilers, Industrial Utilities, Irrigation and Agriculture, Metal and Equipment Manufacturers, Raw Water Intake, Washing and Cleaning, wastewater treatment, Water Distribution, Water Treatment Solutions
Seal: Cartridge mechnical seal
Product Details


The type TD pumps are single stage in-line centrifugal pumps, equipped with standard motor and mechanical seal.Comparing with other pumps in similar structure, these pumps are less accessible to the impurity in the liquid. The pump is designed to be pulled out from the top when disassemble.It can be repaired without affecting the pipelines. The mechanical seal for TD200 and above is cartridge mechanical seal.Motor needn't to be disassembled when replace mechanical seal. TD125~TD150 products have two structures,one is easy maintenance structure, using a catridge mechanical seal. And another is expantion shaft structure.

Working conditions:

The pumped liquid is clean, thin, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non-explosive liquid which shall not contain any solid grain and fibre that might damage the pump mechanically or chemically.If the liquid viscosity or density is beyond the required level, the performance curves will descend and energy consumption will be increased. Liquid temperature:-15℃~110℃ Max.Working pressure: Normal type:PN12 bar ; special type: PN 16 bar.

Installation requirements

Some detailed requirement of installation is as below:

1、If the system pipeline can support the pumps, pumps with 2.2kWmotor power(including 2.2kW)can be hung in line; if the system pipeline cannot support the pumps or the pump motor power is higher than 2.2kW, the pumps must be installed in brackets or base. 2、Pumps with motor power lower than 2.2kW(including 2.2kW)can be installed horizontally or vertically to the pipeline.Pumps with motor power higher than 2.2kW,can only be installed vertically to the pipeline. 3、The pump installation shall not allow the system pipeline tensile force to be transferred to the pump body. 4、The pump should be installed in the environment with sufficient cooling and the cooling air shall not be above 40℃. 5、If the pumps are installed outdoors, there should be covers to protect electric components from water. 6、For the convenience of maintenance, there should be enough space above and below the pumps.Minimum 300mm shall be kept for pumps with motor power lower than 5.5kW,and minimum 1000mmfor pumps with motor power higher than 5.5kW (including 5.5kW). 7、To prevent noises and vibration and ensure the best operation, anti-vibration base shall beused in installation.Generally,cement base with the weight equal or bigger than 1.5× pump weight shall be adopted. 8、ForTD32 to TD150, pumps with bases or without bases are both available for customers requirements.

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