Submersible sewage pumps
Submersible sewage pumps

dewatering cast iron 100m3/h electric submersible sewage transfer pump

Brand: Nanquan
Minimum order quantity: 20 Pieces
Delivery time: 40 Day
E-mail: faye@nqpump.com
Product Advantages
sewage water pump wq submersible sewage pump
Product Details

The submersible sewage pump is a combination of a pump and the motor. When working, the motor shaft drives the pump impeller to rotate and transfer energy to the slurry medium to generate a certain flow rate and drive the solid flow to realize slurry transportation.

The motor is processed of copper coils, and if the leak-proof cable is damaged,the water will not enter into the motor. The packaging is packed in wooden cases. The double-faced alloy mechanical seal is not easy to leak, and the impeller runner is a curved passage from the inlet to the outlet.

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