What are the common failures of fluoroplastic magnetic pumps?

What are the common failures of fluoroplastic magnetic pumps?

June 26th at 5:59pm

One, fluorine plastic magnetic pump noise, noise has a variety of reasons, the common is the pump overload, installation of fixed not firm, cavitation in the pipeline, etc., these problems according to the present site situation one by one, the solution is also relatively simple, according to the cause of the problem, can be quickly solved.

Second, the flow of the pump is not enough. The general reason for insufficient flow of fluorine plastic magnetic pump is that the pump is too small, or the impeller is worn out for a long time, or the pump speed is too low, in addition, it may be caused by the blockage of the pipeline. These problems are easy to solve, so I will not repeat them here.

Third, the head of the pump is not enough. This problem is also relatively common, the common reasons are the impeller of the pump is worn or damaged, the speed of the motor is small, the liquid concentration is relatively large, etc.. The reason for this problem is basically the same as the reason for the small flow, if there is no problem when choosing the pump, then these can be easily solved, the most common is that the customer did not consider thoroughly when selecting the type, such as too many elbows in the pipeline, they did not take into account, so in the actual use of the head will not be enough.

Fourth, the pump does not rotate, this problem is generally on the motor, if the motor can be started normally, the pump does not rotate, indicating that the pump is stuck, the need to immediately stop the pump to check.

Five, the pump parts are damaged, common wearing parts are bearings, pump shaft, magnetic cylinder, etc., need regular maintenance and maintenance to ensure that the pump does not work with injuries.

Six, fluorine plastic magnetic pump does not produce water. This problem is also a very common fault in the process of use, the common reason is that the motor steering is not correct, in each pump body will be standard pump correct steering, must install the required steering wiring, if the connection is reversed, it will not play the liquid; another reason is that the pump may be blocked, because the fluorine plastic magnetic pump is also impeller, so if the impeller is blocked by debris, the pump will certainly appear no water If the impeller is blocked by debris, the pump will definitely not produce water; there are also incorrect parameters, for example, the pump head is too low, and the liquid keeps spinning in the pipeline and cannot be transported out.

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